Take action for animals suffering in mobile zoos

Animals held in mobile zoos are unable to experience anything like a natural life. Owned by humans to be carted around and “displayed” at events. Handled and touched for hours on end. Held in captivity in an environment that cannot possibly replicate their wild surroundings, until the next time someone books them for entertainment. This is no fun for the thousands of animals exploited in this industry.

But you can help them

Will you please help animals in mobile zoos by donating during our Christmas Match-Funding Challenge?

UPDATE! We are delighted to say that we have used up all our matched funds... but you can still give to help animals in mobile zoos! 

Thank you to all who donated!

Between midday on the 3rd and midday on the 10th December, when you make a gift to the animals your one donation could have twice the impact. That’s because this year we are running a match-funding challenge, during which every penny of your donation could be matched by a special group of donors. 

To undertake vital work to better protect animals in mobile zoos we need to raise £4,500 through our match-giving challenge - and as your donation could be doubled during this time, with your support we can reach this total twice as fast!

Donate here between 3rd-10th December to have TWICE the impact for animals

(Remember to wait until midday on the 3rd December before donating so that your gift is doubled!)

Animals are being exploited, every day. You can stop this! 

Your donation this December will:

  • Fund an undercover investigation, exposing the hidden suffering animals in mobile zoos face every single day
  • Bring in new laws for animals in mobile zoos in Scotland and Wales, with the power for businesses failing animals to be SHUT DOWN
  • Hold mobile zoo owners accountable and responsible for the thousands of vulnerable lives in their hands
  • Raise awareness about the horrors of the industry, so that people think twice about hiring such a business
  • Bring us ever closer to the day when all ANIMALS ARE FREE and this awful industry is ended forever. 

Governments across the UK are finally listening and stepping up to make a change. We mustn’t let this chance pass us by.

So get the 3rd-10th December in your diary and join us to raise vital funds to help thousands of animals held captive in mobile zoos. You WILL change their future.