Fund an animal campaigner!

End the exploitation of animals in festive events

In the run up to Christmas, hundreds of events take place across the country which use wild animals. Paraded through shopping centres and busy high streets, reindeer, penguins, owls and more, are used as displays for human entertainment. 

Animals are not living props! Help us end this cruelty!

Every year we monitor these events and take action to convince organisers to cancel. Through direct contact, launching online campaigns and supporting local protest, events like these have been cancelled around the country!

But the industry is growing. And we need YOUR help to step up the campaign.

We need to employ a Campaigner for two days a week in the busiest months, October to December, who will run this campaign. To protect animals they will:

  • Carry out extensive research to find locations and timings of events
  • Find information on the companies supplying the animals, which includes circuses!
  • Contact event organisers asking them to pledge never to book animals for events
  • Identify key events for online campaigns, using public pressure to have events cancelled!
  • Communicate directly with individuals or groups hiring animals for events, convincing them to cancel
  • Be a point of contact for animal activists to report events and plan protests

Our campaign goal is just £2200, which covers all costs to deliver this crucial campaign. 

We need to raise the funds now, to be ready by October, when these events are being promoted to the public. If we don't reach our target, we will use the funds raised to deliver as much of the campaign as possible.

Will you help animals this Christmas? 

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These penguins were put on display in a shopping centre last year.

This is what you are helping to stop.