Each year in the run up to Christmas, reindeer, penguins, owls and other animals are being used as props in festive events.

These animals are denied their freedom, their ability to choose, their chance at a normal life in the wild where they belong.

Take action to end animal exploitation!

Contact event organisers and ask them NOT to use animals! See our map of events and find the details of events near you!


Send us details of events using animals that are happening in your town! Send us as much information as you can - extra information like the supplier of the animals is invaluable too.

Report an event

Contact event organisers directly and ask them to cancel their events! Use our template email here for ideas:

Download template letter

You can take action locally too! Order our *FREE* campaign leaflets to hold a protest or information stall, educating the public about this cruelty and putting pressure on event organisers.

Order campaign materials

Contact event organisers using our map!

This map shows all of the current events we know of, that are using live animals in festive events this year. Find an event near you, click and find their email address to send them an email to complain! You could even organise a protest (see above to order materials!)

Use our template letter above for suggested wording!