Lockdown has been hard on us all. Separated from our friends and loved ones, bored indoors looking at the same few walls, our only escapes limited trips out to run errands or a quick walk around the park. 

We are all desperately looking forward to the day when we have our freedoms back. And hopefully that day will be with us very soon. 

But for animals in zoos, that day may never come. For the thousands of individuals locked behind bars, freedom is denied in the interests of human entertainment. 

But with your help, that doesn’t have to be the end of their story.

Will you set up a monthly donation today and change the world for animals in captivity?

Through meaningful campaigning we can give animals a chance at freedom. We can prevent animals from ever being taken from the wild to stock zoos and aquariums. We can create a world without cages. 

By giving a monthly gift today, you can become a Freedom Champion and lead the way in anti-captivity campaigning. You can be a part of campaigns that fight to shut down cruel zoos, that lobby for law changes, to ban cruel practices.

Your monthly gift will go to work instantly, making sure we are there for each and every individual, taking action whenever and wherever we are needed.

Your amazing monthly gift will power:

  1. INVESTIGATION - You will fuel undercover investigations and groundbreaking research, ensuring that no animal’s suffering is allowed to remain hidden
  2. EDUCATION- You will drive impactful, wide-reaching campaigns and outreach work that is vital in ending the cruelty of captivity
  3. PROTECTION - You will make sure we can be there for each and every animal who needs us, offering them the freedoms they so deserve.

Freedom for Animals is a small charity but with the backing of supporters like you, we stand up to big businesses and industries that exploit animals. We receive no government funding so run almost completely on donations from our donors and Freedom Champions across the UK and Ireland.

So please set up a monthly gift today, and help end a life of lockdown for animals.

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