In the wild reindeer travel with their families in huge herds and migrate thousands of miles across forest and woodland. They have access to vast and beautiful landscapes with fresh air, tranquility and peace.

Now reindeer have become a symbol for Christmas...

The festive season is a joyous time where we create happy memories with our loved ones. Unfortunately - for reindeer - they are taken from their natural habitat and families to perform in crowded pubs, shopping centres, and festivals.

Freedom for Animals we believe that the ‘Christmassy’ feeling we all know and love doesn’t need to come at the expense of these majestic animals.

As events are cancelled and people stay indoors, we are left wondering where all the reindeer are now. These animals that once could have been destined for a life of companionship and community have been left to one side until once again they can become profitable.

Every year Freedom for Animals campaigns against the use of reindeer, and every year they make positive steps in signalling to these event organisers that they will not stop until they do.

Ziggy Woodward