In the 21st century there should be no place in our world for zoos or circuses that use animals. The conditions these animals are kept in are often beyond words. Just imagine yourself being locked behind bars for the rest of your life for human entertainment.

Jay Kay is a Grammy-award winning musician and front man of the band, Jamiroquai; one of the most successful UK acts of a generation. Evidence of the band’s success can be seen in the six multi-platinum albums, five MTV awards and the Grammy. 2011 is welcoming the group’s comeback with new album, Rock Dust Light Star.

In 1992, long before many bands and musicians adopted a social conscience, Jay and Jamiroquai had already begun singing about the damaging effect humans were having on the world. Their aptly titled debut album, Emergency on Planet Earth, included the hit When You Gonna Learn?, with thought-provoking and harrowing images of primates in vivisection labs in the accompanying video. In Jamiroquai’s 1996 hit single Virtual Insanity, Jay wrote about his concern that the modern technological world can mess up what Mother Nature created.

Jay is a lifelong animal lover and proud patron of Freedom for Animals.