“The fact that Freedom for Animals holds the abolitionist stance where ‘improving conditions’ just isn’t good enough, rings true with me. I had always thought they were a great campaigning organisation, covering issues overlooked by other animal protection organisations. I have always been impressed that they facilitated demonstrations and supported local animal rights groups with support and advice. I feel privileged to be part of a charity which works hard for those often forgotten animals in the entertainment industry and to be part of a great team who are equally as passionate about the cause to help the animals we are striving to free from captivity.”

Maddy joined the team back in 2009 working as the Finance Officer and eventually took on responsibilities as Fundraising Assistant. Her heart, however, has always been in campaigning, in which she has a rich and varied history. With her extensive knowledge of the charity and the issues Freedom for Animals campaigns on, Maddy took on the role of Campaigns Officer in 2015. This gave her the opportunity to speak up for animals even more, appearing on national radio and TV whilst retaining more personal outreach such as school talks and stalls. 

Maddy has been passionate about ending the suffering of animals from a young age. As a teenager she became involved in animal rights issues, campaigning with local and national organisations on a range of issues from hunting to vivisection. Maddy’s involvement and knowledge in campaign methods developed over time with experience in holding street stalls, giving talks, helping with running campaigns behind the scenes as well as being active on the street or in the fields.