The opportunity to work for an organisation like Freedom for Animals and help them continue their work, particularly one I have admired and followed for so long, is fantastic. Freedom for Animals is unique in its mix of high-level work lobbying governments whilst maintaining their commitment to supporting grassroots activism – the very foundations of Freedom for Animals – which I admire greatly.

Nicola joined the team in February 2013 as Fundraising and Supporter Relations Officer to be a point of call for supporters and to raise funds for the charity to continue its ground-breaking work. She was appointed Campaigns Director in January 2015 and took on responsibility for the day-to-day management of Freedom for Animals. Now she serves as the Fundraising and Communications Manager.

The rights of non-human animals and their recognition as thinking, feeling individuals has been the driving force through her education, work, and volunteering, as well as day-to-day life. Nicola’s first demonstration when she was 15 years old was outside an animal circus using Freedom for Animals’ (then called Captive Animals’ Protection Society) materials.

Previously, Nicola has worked as Fundraising and PR Assistant for the conservation charity Wild Futures, which she joined after completing her degree in BSc Animal Management and Welfare.

Alongside her education and work, Nicola had volunteered at various animal sanctuaries and rescue centers, including spending a summer in Greece working with endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles (caretta caretta), being involved in the rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles and their release back into the wild.

In her spare time, Nicola volunteers with local and national groups to actively campaign on animal, human and environmental issues and is particularly keen on spotting birds and fishes in the wild.