Animals in aquariums need your help!

Fishes, turtles, rays, crabs and other animals are suffering for human entertainment. Wild animals who have been taken from their ocean homes to fill aquarium tanks and be put on display. These animals have great capacities to think and feel. Tragically they suffer in cruel captivity.

'I am someone'

Animals held in aquariums are not mere objects to be viewed through glass, they are all individuals who have their own interests and their own desires. Yet aquariums snatch animals from their wild homes to fill tanks thousands of miles away (79% of animals in aquariums are wild caught). Animals are put on display as 'collections' and arranged to form pretty displays for human enjoyment. When one individual dies, another is put in their place.

All of this takes place for profit - the majority of species in aquariums cannot breed in captivity so are not part of any claimed 'conservation' project.

Sadly many people do not recognise the suffering of fishes and other sea animals so continue to support cruel aquariums.

Our Aquarium Week of Action aims to raise awareness about these animals, their exploitation and calls for an end to aquariums.

TAKE ACTION for sea animals!

Get involved in our online Aquarium Week of Action from 20th - 26th July 2020.

Make sure you are following us on social media to stay up to date on the action all week: @freeanimalsuk @freedom_foranimals

Thank you for speaking up for fishes, crabs, turtles and other animals exploited in captivity!