Please take urgent action! We only have a few days to cancel this cruelty!

An event planned in Greater Manchester this weekend will feature live reindeer. It promises to be a very busy event with lots to offer, so it’s both a fundamentally unsuitable environment for sensitive animals such as reindeer, and it's completely unnecessary to cram in live animals into an event that already has so much going on.

Screenshots from the supplier’s website show the animals in tiny enclosures. Of course, the suppliers claim to maintain “high welfare” for their animals, but surely high welfare would mean not exposing them to stressful environments?

**This event is scheduled to take place this Saturday, 11th December, and we need your help to see that it goes ahead without the exploitation of animals.**

We are simply, and politely asking that this event go ahead without the use of live animals. We have contacted the organisers, Baguley Athletic Football Club, and the venue, St John’s Church, Brooklands, and neither of them have responded to us. Now we need your help to get their attention. Please use the form below to send an email respectfully asking that the use of reindeer be cancelled at this event.