Jack’s Supermarkets is a brand belonging to the Tesco Group, with several branches across England. We have become aware a series of events between the 27th of November and the 19th of December,  in which reindeer will be brought to their stores and enclosed there for ‘Meet the Reindeer’ events. These cynical marketing events exploit reindeer and expose them to completely unnatural and stressful environments.

Reindeer are semi-wild and belong in the Arctic Tundra, not a British supermarket.

We have tried to engage the supermarket brand directly to discuss the harm these events will cause. There is no publicly available email address we could find, nor could any representatives we got through to on the phone provide information on the events, or put us in touch with the individuals or teams responsible. We sent a message via Facebook which is still unread. Now we need your help to get the attention of Jack’s management, and we are asking our supporters to tag Jack's social media in posts on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook, politely asking them to cancel their planned events.

Copy and paste the below into your tweets and/or Facebook and Instagram posts. And follow the links below to to their social media pages:

@shopjacksuk please cancel your ‘Meet the Reindeer’ events! Reindeer suffer and become ill from these busy, stressful, and unnatural events. I will boycott your stores if you go ahead with these exploitative and cruel displays. @tesco #JacksChristmas #animalfreechristmas

 Jack's Twitter Handle: @shopjacksuk

 Jack's Instagram: shopjacksuk

 Jack's Facebook: Shopjacksuk

The event schedule published on Jack’s website suggests a hectic schedule, involving visits to two different stores in one day in a number of cases, which would certainly compound the stress of the public appearance with distress caused by being confined to cramped conditions in transit.

The reindeer’s gruelling schedule of forced public interaction begins is as follows:

Jack’s Sheffield - S6 1NN - Saturday 27th November 11am – 1pm

Jack’s Barnsley - S70 3NS - Saturday 27th November 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Jack’s Wakefield - WF2 9SD - Sunday 28th November 11am – 4pm

Jack’s Chatteris - PE16 6RT - Saturday 4th December 11am – 4pm

Jack’s Middlewich - CW10 9BL - Sunday 5th December 11am – 4pm

Jack’s Edge Hill – L7 3HE - Saturday 11th December 10am – 12pm

Jack’s Walton – L4 3QW - Saturday 11th December 1pm – 3pm

Jack’s St Helens – WA9 4BZ - Sunday 12th December 11am – 4pm

Jack’s Hull – HU1 2TX - Saturday 18th December 10am – 1pm

Jack’s Immingham – DN40 2AB - Saturday 18th December 3pm – 6pm

Jack’s Rubery – B45 9JL - Sunday 19th December 11am – 2pm

Jack’s Castle Bromwich - B34 7EH - Sunday 19th December 4pm – 7pm