**This action has now ended**

Each year at Freedom for Animals, we campaign to stop the use of live animals at the likes of Christmas markets, Christmas lights switch-ons, parades, and grottoes. Shockingly, over the past few years we have seen that even pubs have seen fit to enclose animals on their premises for the purposes of festive events.

Thankfully, this year we have so far identified that only one pub is planning to use reindeer in an event, demonstrating that venues like this are realising that the use of live animals is cruel and unnecessary.

However, one pub is still too many, and that's why we are asking you to contact the Saddle Inn to ask that they cancel their planned use of live reindeer in their upcoming event.

Use the form below to contact the event now!

Visiting children will still be able to meet Santa and his Elves, receive a present, and enjoy all the magic of Christmas without having to bear witness to stressed, imprisoned reindeer in a miserable little pen. It's not necessary, and it needs to be stopped.

Use the form below to voice your concerns to the Saddle Inn! Your email will be sent to the owners of the pub.