Zoo Awareness Weekend is just around the corner and this year we're focusing on falconry centres! From 10th to 12th April we need YOU to take action to fight for owls and other birds who live caged in bird of prey zoos.

Take Action!

Join the protest and share a selfie with a homemade placard or print one of our Tether and Torment posters!

Do you use social media? Use the hashtag #zooawarenessweekend between 10th and 12th April to help spread the word about cruel bird of prey zoos. You can also use our graphics below for your Instagram story and Facebook and Twitter cover images!

Instagram Story:

Facebook Cover:

Twitter Cover:

Other Actions...

Order our DEFRA Action postcards and demand DEFRA ban tethering!

- Contact DEFRA directly to demand a ban on tethering.

- Write to your local paper about why birds should fly free!

- Donate today to fight to free birds from a life of tether and torment!

- Check out our social media pages and share actions from there!




Wonder where your nearest bird of prey zoo is? Find out below!