Help end animal suffering in circuses!

With a ban already in place in Scotland and Ireland, and bans proposed to end wild animal circuses in Wales and England, working together we can ensure one final push to end cruelty for wild animals under the big top for good.

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So please save the date to join our Big Give Christmas Challenge!(Remember to wait until midday on the 27th of November before donating so that your gift is doubled!)

Animals are still being exploited under the big top.

Confined to wagons as they travel, forced to perform degrading tricks, housed in unnatural social groups within inadequate environments, animals are still suffering in circuses. We have made great progress to end such cruelty, with a ban in place in Scotland and other countries across the UK promising to follow. But we have been promised bans before which were not acted upon, so it is more important than ever to keep up the fight for animals trapped in circuses.

These three elephants were exploited in the circus in Ireland

Help us stop the cruelty of the circus, once and for all.

Click here between midday on the 27th of November to midday on the 4th December to donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge. 

With your support, we will ensure that governments across the UK stick to their promises and finally ban wild animal circuses. Through continuing to monitor circuses, developing evidence-based resources, empowering local people to take action and lobbying government, we will make sure these animals are not forgotten.

With you by our side, in 2019 we will:

  • See wild animals in circuses in Wales BANNED
  • Lobby the Northern Ireland Assembly to END wild animal circuses
  • Keep up the pressure for the promised BAN in England

You will make sure that we can continue the fight to end the suffering of ALL ANIMALS in circuses, both wild and domestic.

Support us in The Big Give Christmas Challenge from the 27th November until the 4th of December in one final push to secure a better future for wild animals confined to the cruel circus.

You can make this happen!