Ripped from their ocean homes, wild animals are being abducted in their thousands to supply public aquariums in the UK.

The horrifying truth is that the vast majority of animals in aquariums are still taken from the wild.

These individuals face the trauma of being abducted from their lives and thrust into small, cramped containers. Many spend days inside plastic bags, with just enough water to cover their bodies as they are shipped half way around the world to be used in the aquarium trade.

If they survive the journey which can take days, sometimes over a week, they will spend their lives as prisoners in a glass tank.

This is the dark and murky secret of the aquarium industry. This is how they stock their tanks, to put on a display for paying customers.

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They need YOUR help to expose the cruelty they endure and put a STOP to this barbaric trade.

And you have an amazing opportunity to do just that.

We have the chance to go expose one of these suppliers, who take animals from the wild. And to raise the vital investigation funds we need to do this, we are taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

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With your help we will expose the murky world of those who source and supply the animals to aquariums. 

Suppliers who list animals for sale in 'catalogues' and on their websites, as if these wild animals were mere objects like clothes or furniture.

Sharks from around the world listed for sale, all caught from the wild. One of the catalogues has 41 species including many rays, which were available to order in different sizes. Octopuses from Japan, the Philippines and other locations in the tropics... ready caught for your order.

A page from one of the catalogues... wild animals listed like objects.

These animals are taken from the wild to fill the tanks of aquariums.

This barbaric trade has to be stopped. Please make your donation before the funds run out and it could be matched!

We intend to produce the first ever detailed exposé of these cruel practises. We will expose the true costs on the lives of animals. We will go public with our findings calling for a boycott of aquariums.

Thank you so much for being a part of this ground-breaking project to help ocean animals!

DONATE 1st - 8th december

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