***This Action Has Now Ended***

This campaign has been a huge success and Tynemouth Market have confirmed they will no longer be hosting the owls. Thank you to all who took the time to support this campaign. If you want to you could leave a message of thank you on the markets Facebook page.

Tynemouth Market in North Shields hosts a trader who displays a number of owls, including a barn owl called Willow and an eagle owl called Mr Wilson. In exchange for money, members of the public can have a photograph taken whilst holding one of the owls. For the majority of the day, the owls are tethered to a perch waiting to be handled by the next market visitor. 

Image taken from the Facebook page of 'Mr Wilson and friends' who exploit the birds

Tethering, a practice widely used by the falconry industry, consists of tying the bird to a perch by the leg, using a leather strap. Often the birds on display are not provided with a refuge to retreat to if stressed and we have witnessed owls and other birds of prey desperately pulling on the tether trying to get away – these birds are literally ‘at the end of their tether’. 

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Freedom for Animals published a report called Tether and Torment which showed how thousands of birds are forced to endure a miserable existence in bird of prey zoos in the UK including owls, eagles, vultures and many more species. Our investigator collected evidence of birds being tied down for long hours by tethers, birds living in cramped enclosures and stressed birds trying to fly away. We uncovered how birds are deprived of food by their captors to make them perform. 

This industry creates great suffering for birds and is completely unethical. 


Please take action by contacting Tynemouth Market and ask them to stop allowing owls or any animals to be displayed or used as props at the market.