19th - 22nd April 2019

Speak out for animals in zoos and aquariums this Zoo Awareness Weekend!

Take part in this national weekend of action to fight for animal freedom! Animals in zoos are often overlooked yet are trapped in a life of misery, so far from what they would live naturally in the wild.

But you can help them!

Why are zoos bad for animals?

    • Our investigations into zoos have exposed severe neglect, animals living in cramped conditions, dirty cages, dead animals left to rot, ill animals left untreated, links with the animal circus industry, animals illegally mutilated and much more.

    • Animals are routinely culled in zoos, many of them healthy individuals who are no longer wanted by the zoo.
    • Stereotypic behaviours are abnormal behaviours often exhibited by animals in zoos - pacing, rocking, swaying and even self-harming are all signs of stress commonly seen in captive animals.
    • Even the best enclosures in zoos cannot replicate wild animals' natural habitat - animals are forced to live in a different climate, habitat, unable to exhibit natural behaviours such as raising a family and hunting. Many animals would roam miles everyday in the wild which is simply impossible in zoos.

    • Read more about zoo cruelty here: www.freedomforanimals.org.uk/zoos 

Take action over Zoo Awareness Weekend!

  • Hold a demonstration at your local zoo or aquarium! 
  • Distribute leaflets in your local area. 
  • Hold a fundraising event to support action to free animals
  • Write to your local paper about zoos
  • Hold an information stall in your town centre, local library or school
  • Volunteer on a street collection to raise funds

These events can be held in your school, workplace, at home or on the streets in your town!

If you want to get involved email [email protected] We will supply materials and support to make your event a meaningful one for the animals!

Thank you!