Animals need your help 

Across the UK, animals are suffering in captivity, held hostage for their lifetimes all in the name of entertainment. But you can give them a chance at freedom, to live free from harm, free from exploitation. 

Animals like lions and tigers, who are forced to perform circus tricks for crowds. 

Animals like meerkats and raccoon dogs, who are treated as playthings to be handled in mobile zoos.

Animals like gorillas and elephants, majestic, intelligent animals denied their freedom in zoos.

Animals like monkeys and parrots, who are kept as pets in cages, stolen from the wild rainforests they should call home. 

Setting up a monthly donation to animals means we can plan our campaigns for the long term. We can be ready to take action for animals whenever they need us. 

  • Donate £5 to supply local groups with materials to demonstrate outside circuses which exploit animals for entertainment, turning away customers
  • Donate £10 to help us buy specialist hidden-camera equipment to use undercover at a zoo
  • Donate £25 to fund an investigator to expose animal suffering at a mobile zoo

Set up a regular gift to animals

Please donate today because all animals deserve their freedom.