Why investigate?

A dead wallaby left to rot, tigers beheaded, distressed and ill animals - these are just some of the things we have exposed through our investigations. Investigation concerns from the public about animal cruelty is such a crucial part of our work. We need solid evidence to back up our claims of the suffering of animals. Not only that, we need proof to educate and raise awareness about animals in captivity. 

How do we investigate?

So how do we carry out investigations? An investigation can be something as simple as taking a few photos. These days, we all carry cameras in our pockets - on our phone, so that makes it incredibly easy. But some investigations require a lot more planning and even for someone to work undercover. These type of investigations can be stressful, risky and expensive - but the results are all be worth it if it exposes animal cruelty. 

So what have Freedom for Animals Exposed?

From circuses to zoos and aquariums. We have investigated and exposed many industries and individual places. We have closed places of suffering, gained international press with our findings and rescued animals. 

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What can you do?

We couldn't carry out investigations without your support. Please donate today to ensure we can carry on exposing the exploitation. Animals behind closed doors need our help.