26th June 2024

Freedom for Animals launches a brand new report into animal circuses in 2024!

Since Freedom for Animals was founded in 1957 (then known as The Captive Animals Protection Society), speaking out on behalf of animals trapped in circuses has been at the core of our mission. We welcomed the Wild Animals in Circuses Act 2019 joyfully, when it received royal assent 5 years ago - it ended the days of elephants, lions, tigers, and other animals being made to submit to cruel and demeaning tricks. However, not all animals were protected by this legislation, some lives were left behind.

A minority of UK circuses have continued to use live animals in performances, limiting their use to those animals not covered by the Act - ‘domestic’ animals. These animals may be genetically distinct from their wild counterparts, but they nonetheless have instincts, feelings, wants, and needs. They have a right to be protected from exploitation and cruelty. Our report, Lives Left Behind, found that that right is being violated by the UK circus industry, and by government bodies at every level allowing it to continue using animals.

Our report has been sent to every local authority in the country, to ask that they make urgent changes to the way they oversee the licensing of circuses. We have also started a government petition asking that our next leaders, whoever they may be, rectify the injustices we have identified, by introducing legislation to ban all animals from travelling and performing with circuses.

Read the report today and find out how you can help make a difference for the Lives Left Behind