Freedom for Animals’ report, Lives Left Behind, looks into the successes and the failures of the Wild Animals in Circuses Act 2019 in protecting animals from suffering in circuses. While we were pleased to note that no UK circuses now use wild animals in performances, there are still ‘domestic’ animals being subjected to travelling performance. We need your help to get the government to extend protection to ALL animals, and end animal circuses in the UK once and for all.

We are asking the UK government to commit to enacting new legislation to prohibit ALL animals from travelling and performing with circuses - ending the exploitation of animals in circuses in the UK once and for all.

Horses, ponies, pigeons, doves, and even cats and goats are still subjected to gruelling travel schedules, cramped conditions, and difficult, dangerous, and demeaning tricks. Our investigation demonstrated that animals are at risk of injury and neglect, and that the licensing scheme in place to supposedly protect performing animals is woefully ineffective, causing innocent lives to be left behind.

When Freedom for Animals was founded in 1957, ending animal circuses was core to our mission. Now, nearly 70 years later, the finishing line is in sight. Join us today in ending animal circuses in the UK forever.

How you can help:

Sign the petition to get the government to ban ALL animals from circuses 

Read the report to find out more, and share with friends and family

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