Transportation, Handling and Stress for Animals

Kids' parties and schools often see someone turning up with an array of animals. From reptiles to insects, rabbits, meerkats, birds of prey and many more. It all looks fun and harmless at first glance. But sadly the often wild animals live an unnatural and stressful life. Similar to a life in the circus, the animals can travel hours to events where they will be used to entertain. The animals are transported in carriers to events, often on a daily basis, where they can be handled by reaching hands for hours on end. Wild animals are stressed by handling and even when put back in their temporary enclosure, they have nowhere to hide from the busy crowds, noises and lights. Unable to run free, this is the sad existence for a wild animal trapped in a mobile zoo.

It is not just exotic animals that are at risk. Domesticated animals who are naturally timid, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, can also suffer stress due to repeated handling or as a result of introduction to noisy and crowded environments.

Our latest research established that there are at least 187 mobile zoos in the U.K, a minimum of 3500 animals and over 180 different species. The industry is largely unregulated at the moment leaving the animals at risk to suffering and neglect. 

Ever since a whistleblower contacted us about a mobile zoo with serious welfare concerns we have campaigned for an end to mobile zoos. Now, we regularly receive complaints about mobile zoos; enclosures stacked up in houses or a back garden; baby animals taken from their mums for handling experiences; wild animals kept in bare, tiny enclosures. The exploitation is so unnecessary. And we are doing all we can to stop it.

If you are a parent or teacher you can read more in-depth information on our campaign here and access resources for your school or child.

What is Freedom for Animals doing?

We are raising awareness about animals in mobile zoos through social media, our website and school talks.

We are providing resources to oppose the use of mobile zoos.

We have carried out two rounds of extensive research which has provided solid evidence to Governments showing the scale of the problem

We are investigating and monitoring mobile zoos around the UK

We are working at Government level to encourage new legislation covering mobile zoos.

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