We believe all animals should live free from exploitation, harm and captivity.

Freedom for Animals began as the Captive Animals' Protection Society in 1957 and is one of the UK’s longest-running charities working to protect animals.

Through a combination of undercover investigations, research, campaigns, grassroots activism, political lobbying and education, our work for animals focuses predominantly on issues affecting those individuals held captive in circuses, zoos and aquariums, as well as those used in the television and film industry, live animal displays and the exotic pet trade.

Our Mission

  • We take action to end the captivity of animals, especially those used for entertaining the public in zoos, circuses and the media industry.
  • We carry out investigations and research to provide a solid evidence base for our campaigns and political lobbying.
  • Our educational work and awareness-raising promotes a more compassionate attitude and relationship between humans and other animals.
  • We work to influence policymakers at the highest level whilst supporting grassroots activism which we believe is the very foundation of Freedom for Animals
  • We work in partnership with organisations that share our values and amplify our campaigns.

Our Vision: Freedom for all animals.

Freedom for Animals is a registered charity and receives no government funding. Registered number: 1124436