At Freedom for Animals we are striving for the day when no animal is exploited or made to suffer in the name of entertainment. 

Thanks to our amazing supporters we have been able to transform the lives of vulnerable captive animals. Over the years we have secured so many incredible victories, a snapshot of which we are delighted to share here. 

It is thanks to our wonderful supporters that we have been able to achieve such an impact. Our supporters rally together when things need to change, petition, fight and protest. It is our supporters who enable us to undertake undercover investigations and launch hard-hitting, wide-reaching campaigns - which you can read about here.

You too can be a part of this amazing work to help animals by becoming a Freedom Champion!Click here to find out more about the best way to support our work to end animal exploitation, once and for all.

For more up to date information about our current campaign activities, please visit our NEWS PAGE.