Shocking news - baboons to be killed at a German zoo

A zoo in Germany plans to kill up to half of the group of Guinea baboons who they hold captive... Read more

Victory! Milton Keynes Cancels Reptile Trading Event

The International Herpetological Society (IHS) had booked the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes for the event to take place on September 3rd, before it was cancelled. Read more

Another Step in the Right Direction from Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook have announced that they have removed the sale of any attraction with captive cetaceans including dolphins, orcas or whales. Read more

Animals in Zoos Bored and Miserable, Study Finds

A recent study has been publicised in the press with the common media headline - “Elephants enjoy zoo visitors, study suggests”. But what is the reality? Read more

FFA Statement on supporting Extinction Rebellion’s The Big One

Join Freedom for Animals in supporting Extinction Rebellion’s The Big One in London later this month! Read more

Action Launch! Include Animals in the Online Safety Bill!

FFA has joined forces with numerous animal protection charities including the Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition (SMACC) to help better protect animals online. Read more

Copenhagen Zoo in the news again for their failure to protect imprisoned animals

There has been a timeline of tragic events.... Read more

Update to South Lakes Zoo Council Inspection!

The council licensing committee meeting was held on February 16th. Read more

Recent investigation into South Lakes Zoo documents continued animal suffering

Watch our new video now! Please share the truth of what animals are forced to endure in the name of human entertainment. Read more


Serious allegations of fireworks being held at a South Lakes Zoo event lead FFA to investigate... Read more