Back in March 2023 we brought you the great news that a mobile zoo named Zoo2U in Cheshire, had their planning permission to build a new zoo denied! 

But the fight is not over - as this zoo has resubmitted plans to Cheshire East council, in the hopes they can now get the plans approved. 

Zoo2U are wanting to expand their mobile zoo business (which was initially run from their private house) on land owned by Bidlea Dairy Farm. They have already flouted the legal planning process by building many of the new enclosures already, even over-confidently purchasing more animals as part of this expansion. This arrogance is unacceptable, and completely disregards the processes that are in place for a reason; to protect the natural environment, wildlife, and local residents. 

They have had their planning permission for this venture denied twice already. It was originally denied due to a lack of documentation, and then again after they submitted the amended plans, as the council found the project “unacceptable in principle” due to the encroachment onto the countryside and harm posed to its environment and appearance, and its failure to demonstrate how it would improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area.

Since then the above concerns, including other issues such as severe flooding, lack of waste water removal and lack of safe access associated with the site, have still not been addressed. The risk to local waterways as a result of such insufficient planning and lack of drainage remains high, and has the potential to destroy the landscape and ecosystem of the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, the amount of people visiting the zoo once it opens to the public would be catastrophic to the peace of the natural environment and its wildlife, and negatively affect nearby residents, evident by comments already submitted by the local community on the application.

Although we know the disastrous effects zoos have on the animals held captive within them, sadly, even in 2024, animal welfare concerns are not considered highly motivating factors during the decision process, with external environmental factors and residential issues the main topics of debate.

Therefore, when submitting your objections, please focus on the negative impacts the expansion of the zoo would have on the environment, local wildlife, roads, and residential areas.

We have the animals at the focus of everything we do at Freedom for Animals. We know the suffering and damage zoos cause to innocent individuals. It’s the 21st century, and we should be closing zoos down, not opening new ones!

We have submitted an objection with Cheshire East Council, urging them to again reject the planning application for the new zoo at The Orchards Farm Twemlow Lane, Holmes Chapel, CW4.

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