In a windowless basement beneath London, Sea Life imprisons 15 Gentoo penguins. They will spend their entire lives in captivity if we don’t free them.

On 9th February 2024 we asked Sea Life Aquarium and its parent organisation, Merlin Entertainments to free the penguins they keep in dire conditions. We need you to join the fight to free these animals. Read more about the action launch here.

Why do we want to free the penguins?

  • Gentoo penguins are currently doing well in the wild and their population levels are listed as of ‘Least Concern’ by the IUCN Red List - Sea Life’s breeding programmes are not for conservation, but for profit!

  • Gentoo penguins can dive up to 600 ft and swim up to 22 mph in the wild - their 6-7 ft pool at SeaLife doesn’t allow them to enjoy their natural behaviours.

  • Sea Life London’s penguins have no access to fresh air or natural light.

  • Breeding animals for captivity and exhibition is a cruel and exploitative practice that has no place in a modern society.

Following consultation with experts in the field, we are asking that:

1. Merlin Entertainments ceases the exhibition of penguins with IMMEDIATE effect.

2. SEA LIFE uses some of its parent company’s multi billion annual revenue to guarantee a safe retirement to sanctuary for the penguins which it is currently displaying. Any sanctuary which is established MUST be operated by a recognised and respected welfare and conservation organisation which is NOT part of the Merlin global brand and in which SEA LIFE has NO controlling interest.

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