Zoos and aquariums are being bailed out by the Government using tax payers money. With £100 million on the table for these failing businesses, Freedom for Animals believe the public now has a right to demand greater transparency around what is happening behind closed zoo doors.

You, the public, deserve to know what exactly public money is funding.

Time and again we have unearthed how zoos and aquariums are failing animals in captivity and in the wild. Yet zoos are not required by law to share details with the public on how animals die whilst being held captive. So animals are dying and yet we have no rights to find out why.

Zoos claim to be all about conservation yet there is no requirement for them to publish how many animals they release into the wild. So what exactly are they doing?

Take action today to demand that zoos be made to share this information!

Add your signature to our letter to animal welfare minister Zac Goldsmith, demanding an end to zoo secrets!