Another bull elephant has been shipped over to Noah’s Ark Zoo in Bristol from a zoo in Germany. 

The thirteen year old male, called Uli, has joined three other male elephants already held captive at the zoo; Shaka, Janu, and nine year old Sutton. Sutton is an individual who we have shared the story of previously, as he was recently separated from his mother, Five, who lives at West Midlands Safari Park. 

This devastating separation left Five completely alone, and broke a special bond between the mother and son that would have caused deep trauma to the pair. Trauma that they will feel to this day.

The decision to force four male elephants to live in close confinement with each other in a captive environment is a deeply concerning one, as in the wild it is an event which would never occur naturally. Male elephants are mostly solitary in nature once they leave their familial herd, but will form loose connections with other males when on similar migration routes for parts of the year. 

The forcible captivity of these beautiful animals in conditions which go against their natural instincts is unethical, detrimental to their health and welfare, and frankly negligent. We have previously reported on the devastating death of a male elephant called M’Changa, who was killed at this very zoo by Shaka and Janu while he slept, so to add, not one, but two males to the same enclosure, with the same individuals, where this terrible incident occurred, is shocking. 

Please read our previous blog post to find out more on these terrible events, and how elephants suffer greatly at the hands of zoos. 

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