26th March 2024

Watch the second episode of our shocking new investigation into Cumbria Safari Zoo - formally known as South Lakes Zoo - now!

Watch episode one and read more into why we carried out this investigation here!

Throughout 2023, we deployed an undercover investigator to gain access into the zoo as a volunteer, to gather behind the scenes evidence and uncover the true reality for the animals held captive there. 

We hope that by taking this important step and sharing our devastating findings publicly, the council will be moved to enforce appropriate action - to finally close down the zoo and rehome the animals to appropriate sanctuaries.

For too long the zoo has been allowed to brush the collective concerns of Freedom for Animals, the public and other animal protection organisations under the carpet, and enough is enough.

For Bruce, Mona, Zippy, Valentino, and all the innocent animals who have tragically suffered or died within this zoo, we share these videos.

Every day this week, in the run up to our annual Zoo Awareness Weekend, we will be dropping a new video, highlighting different events that happened throughout the investigation.

Please help us to fight for their freedom by sharing their stories far and wide. 

How you can help:

Sign our petition - to demand Westmorland and Furness Council close down this zoo!

Share these videos - sharing these important videos will help to raise awareness, and inspire others to take action for animals! Be sure to tag Westmorland and Furness Council on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Take action! - Join a local demonstration or outreach event, or hold your own in a town near you! You can find out more information by emailing [email protected]