22nd March 2024

Every year Freedom for Animals holds a weekend of action to highlight the suffering that thousands of animals face in captivity in UK zoos, aquariums, and mobile zoos. 

Animals suffer terribly for human entertainment. They are kept in small cages, bred and sold as commodities, separated from their families, and killed when there are too many. But when we come together and spread awareness of this misery, we can bring it to an end.

This year’s Zoo Awareness Weekend falls on March 29th-1st April and, with your help, we can spread the truth and shine a light on the miserable reality animals are forced to endure in zoos across the UK and beyond.

It is up to us to show the public the truth of captivity, and the grim reality zoos are so desperate to hide. We must continue to fight for animal freedom. Together we are stronger! 

Easter Weekend is one of the busiest weekends for zoos, so there really is no better time to get out there and spread the word of the suffering that animals held captive go through. Day after day animals are imprisoned for profit and entertainment. And we must share their stories and fight for their freedom!

Many of our wonderful supporters and grassroots animal rights groups across the UK are planning on hitting the streets to hold protests and outreach events over the weekend, so there is most likely an event happening near you!

Here are some planned events taking place across the country and beyond over the weekend: 

SeaLife Brighton - Saturday 30th March

London Zoo - Saturday 30th March

London Sealife Centre - Sunday 31st March

Newcastle City Centre - Saturday 30th March

South Lakes Zoo - Saturday 30th March

Knowsley Zoo - Monday 1st April

Belfast City Centre - Saturday 30th March

Vegfest Bristol - Saturday 30th March - Freedom for Animals has a stall at this vegan fair, so please come and say hello!

If your local town or zoo isn’t listed here, why not get involved and hold your own event to stand up for animals!

We provide free campaign materials to activists and supporters who want to hold their own demos and stalls. You can order them here! 

Please be mindful that the last day for posting in time for demos held over this Zoo Awareness Weekend will be Monday 25th March via our website shop! After this date, please email us at [email protected] and we will try our best to help.

If you are unable to attend an event in-person, why don't you try some of these great actions below to get involved:

Distribute leaflets in your local area

Order our free leaflets online and get active in your local towns and streets! Spreading the message in your local community can be a really powerful way to inspire others to listen to your message or get involved.

Take part in online actions on our social media pages or website!

We have lots of upcoming actions we need your help with, whether that be by signing one of our important petitions or emailing the government to take action via our website - we need your help to make change for animals! Watch this space for more info!

We have a number of actions currently live including:.

  • South Lakes Zoo Petition - Sign our new live petition and join us in demanding Westmorland and Furness Council revoke the zoo's licence and enforce its closure.

  • Free the SeaLife Penguins Petition - Add your signature to this important campaign to free fifteen penguins from Sea Life London’s basement, and send them to an independent sanctuary.  

  • 'No More Zoo Secrets' - Join us in demanding transparency from the zoo and aquarium industry that holds thousands of animals captive across the UK

  • Our Virgin Experience Days action is ongoing - Join us in demanding that Virgin Experience Days stop selling cruel animal handling or ‘Zoo Keeper’ experiences!

Hold a fundraising event to support our zoo campaigns!

If you are unable to hold an event or get involved on Zoo Awareness Day over the Easter Weekend, there are plenty of other ways you can help raise vital funds to help animals in the future. 

We are always so grateful to our dedicated supporters for any help they can offer, and there are some really fun ways to get together with friends and raise money for future campaigns. Whether that be holding a coffee morning or vegan bake sale, taking part in a fun run, or holding future outreach stalls in your local towns and cities! Any actions you choose to take will help us continue our fight for total animal freedom.

For more info email [email protected]

Share our posts on social media!

Getting involved and raising awareness on the plight of animals held captive for human entertainment can really be as simple as sharing and commenting on our posts on social media, to help others gain an awareness on what's happening and how they can make a difference!




​Donate to help fund our vital campaigns!

Your donations are so appreciated, and vital to help us to continue to fight against animal suffering and exploitation. They will be used to fund undercover investigations highlighting cruelty, lobby the Government, to raise awareness, all to bring about lasting change for animals in need. 

You can make a one off donation HERE

Or for even more impact please consider becoming a Freedom Champion by setting up a monthly gift HERE!

Our Freedom Champions are at the heart of everything we do. Your monthly gift will allow us to plan ahead and provide an income stream we can rely on, ensuring we can be there for animals in the future.

However you choose to get involved this Zoo Awareness Weekend, we want to say a huge THANK YOU! We could not carry on without your support, and we are so grateful for your help in fighting for change!