12th April 2023

Freedom for Animals is supporting Extinction Rebellion’s The Big One which is being held between 21 – 24 April in London. 

The Big One brings together over 90 NGOs and grassroots organisations in a lawful, peaceful, non-violent 4-day protest from April 21st to 24th at the Houses of Parliament. The Big One encompasses Global Earth Day on the 22nd April with a gathering that will be an enormous celebration & family-friendly march for biodiversity and the planet! 

The Big One consists of four days with different themes demanding that the government tells the truth and acts now to introduce change to protect our precious planet:

  • Friday 21st – Unite to Survive. Westminster will be filled with flags, banners and people.
  • Saturday 22nd – Earth Day. An enormous celebration & family-friendly march for biodiversity!
  • Sunday 23rd – Running Out of Time! The Big One coexists with the London Marathon.
  • Monday 24th – Choose Your Future. Parliament returns, the demands are delivered.

You can sign up to be part of The Big One here. Stand up and be counted! Be one of over 100,000 people that will take to the streets of London demanding action that tackles the Climate Crisis, the Biodiversity Crisis, and the inequality/cost of living crisis through democratic change.

Why is Freedom for Animals supporting The Big One?

Extinction is forever. We are in the middle of a climate, ecological and biodiversity crisis with millions of species and thousands of natural habitats at risk of disappearing for ever. Freedom for Animals joins Extinction Rebellion in calling for the UK government to tell the truth about climate change and  introduce effective change. 

Freedom for Animals wants to see an end to animals being kept in cages, including wild animals in zoos and aquariums. Wild animals belong in the wild, and conservation focus needs to shift to protecting wild animals in the habitats where they belong.  Conservation can't happen in the wild if we don't protect the wild habitats animals belong in - that's why Extinction Rebellion's mission is important to us. Across the world tens of thousands of wild animals are being kept in cages in zoos and tanks in aquariums for human ‘entertainment’. It’s time for change – the vast amount of money spent on and in zoos across the world would be better spent protecting animals in the wild – better for animals and better for people. It's time to stand up for animals!

Act now for captive animals!

As well as signing up to be part of The Big One and attending the march in London for a better world – join Freedom for Animals as  a Freedom Champion and help us bring an end to captivity for all animals and an end to the abuse and exploitation of animals for human entertainment.

As a Freedom Champion your support and donations will help us achieve our vision of a world in which all animals are free to live their lives free of cages.

Find out why our supporters become Freedom Champions here