29th March 2023

We have incredible news! Cheshire East Council have rejected Zoo2U’s planning application to build a new zoo at a dairy farm in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire!

You may remember, back in June and November last year, that we brought you the controversial news that a mobile zoo named Zoo2U were planning on expanding and moving their already active business to a new location, claiming they had “outgrown” their existing property. The plans showed their intention to build new enclosures and bring in new animals to hold captive for public display.

We can now report that thanks to all of the wonderful support from everyone who took part in our recent action, and submitting your objections to prevent this planning application from being approved, Cheshire East Council have now made the decision to reject the application and deny planning permission for the zoo. 

A recent local news article stated that “a staggering 341 objections were received by the council”. According to the article, planning officers discussed their reasons for putting forward their refusal in a report, and mentioned the public’s significant concerns over issues relating to animal escapes, animal welfare, invasive species, and environmental destruction. Many comments put forward stated the reality that “teaching children animals should be caged for our entertainment is wrong”.

As a result of your actions, Cheshire East Council have thankfully realised how low public opinion surrounding the project truly was, and the damage it would have caused to the local community. This outcome is thanks to the actions of you, our supporters, so a huge thank you to everyone who took part and stood up for animals. You’ve made a huge difference, and together we are one step closer to phasing out this cruel industry!