We are so close to banning this cruelty... but to make it happen we need your help

"These babies and the next ones born all sold."

This was the sign over a cage which held two baby monkeys captive. As I watched the two babies clinging onto the door of the cage looking back at me, I could see their desperation to be free.

But this wasn't some illegal underground breeder. This was in a pet shop on a main road in Manchester, in the UK. I was there carrying out an investigation into the cruel primate pet trade, for Freedom for Animals.

Shockingly, it is still legal to 'own' a wild monkey and keep them captive in your home. You can simply walk in off the street into a pet shop like the one I investigated and buy a monkey. And for species like the marmosets I saw that day in the pet shop, you don't even need a licence to take one home with you.

That is why I am asking for your help today.

Right now, we are at a crucial time in the campaign to have the trade in primates as pets BANNED.
Please can you make a donation today to fuel this campaign and to give monkeys like these a better life?

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I still can't believe that across the UK, thousands of monkeys are kept as 'pets' in people's homes. They are often kept alone, a cruel life for a highly social animal like a primate. They are kept in bird cages in people's living rooms, or live out in garden sheds.

Their lives are full of misery and many suffer with mental health issues as a result.

Will you work with us to help them?

Freedom for Animals is taking action right NOW to ban this cruel trade. But as a small animal rights charity, we need your help. By making a donation today you will fuel the campaign to free primates from the pet trade and keep them wild and free. Thank you.

For the animals,
Lisa Whitehead*

Freedom for Animals

P.S. Right now we are fighting to end the cruel trade in monkeys as pets. But we can't do it without you. Please can you send a donation today? Thank you!

*Name changed to protect identity.

If we raise more money than we need for this work, it will be put to use in our other campaigns to free animals from captivity. Thank you!