Please take action TODAY to help meerkats like Alex.
Cruel mobile zoos must be STOPPED.


The first time I ever saw a meerkat was at a shopping centre in the UK. Not on safari in Africa. Or even in a zoo. In a UK shopping centre. A lone meerkat, in a small cage, put on display like an object for sale.

When I met Alex the meerkat, he was being used as part of a display in a mobile zoo. His captors were entertaining shoppers by inviting people to hold Alex and have a photo with him. Passed from person to person like a prop for their ‘selfies’.

Back in his cage he was trying to hide from the crowds by moving behind the single branch that served to furnish his temporary ‘home’. But he could not hide. So he tucked his head under his legs out of sight.

Supporter, mobile zoos like this are now back out touring across Britain.

That’s why today I am reaching out to you to help stop these companies and their cruelty.By donating today you can help have mobile zoos BANNED by local councils. You can take action to help these animals, who are facing another year of suffering on the road.


As you know, mobile zoos cause immense suffering to the animals they abuse. Animals are boxed up and transported from venue to venue. Treated as mere props to entertain crowds. And to generate profit for the mobile zoo owners.

When back at the premises of the mobile zoo, we have seen everything from sheds and warehouses stacked up with animals, reports of barren carriers and cages holding animals in the mobile zoo operator’s back gardens.

Stressed, driven mad, ill and lonely. Animals like Alex pay the price with their physical and mental health. And their freedom. 

And it’s not just meerkats. At this mobile zoo I saw lizards and snakes being kept in plastic storage boxes, chinchillas in a cage on the floor exposed on all sides with little shelter to hide. I saw birds of prey tethered so that they couldn’t fly away. I saw owls who should only be active at night being put on display under bright lights. The suffering of all of these animals was so clear to me.

That is why I am appealing to you for help. With the travelling season kicking off for these businesses, I want to make sure we are doing all we can to stop them.

We are ramping up our efforts to lobby local authorities across the UK to ban mobile zoos from their land. Taking away places these mobile zoos can operate and limiting their business.

Lobbying local authorities might not be the most exciting of campaigning. But it can literally change the future for animals. Your donation of £10 or more will enable us to meet with local authorities and present our evidence to support the case for a ban.


The amazing thing about securing local bans such as these, is that it provides a strong case for a ban on a national level. To have ALL mobile zoo businesses banned. Just as we have achieved in banning animal circuses that used elephants, tigers, zebras, monkeys and other animals.

And then animals will be safe. That is what I want and I know that is what you want. To create a world where animals are living wild and free or receiving kindness and care in a sanctuary. To ban cruel industries which abuse them and set these animals free.

So please, will you help those animals exploited for entertainment by making a donation of £10 or more today? Let’s come together to fight these cruel mobile zoos now, and create a kinder world for animals. Thank you. 

For the animals,
Rachel Smith, Investigator
(*name changed to protect identity)
Freedom for Animals

P.S. Animals like Alex are facing another year of suffering on the road. Please rush your donation so we can ramp up efforts to secure bans on mobile zoos. Your £10 or more will help us lobby local authorities and produce evidence for banning this cruelty. Thank you.

Funds raised from this appeal will support our campaign to end mobile zoos. If we raise more than we need it will be put towards our wider work for animal freedom.