Support our Emergency Action Fund to help animals!

We are taking action NOW for animals in breaking campaigns. Please join these urgent actions by supporting our Emergency Action Fund today!

TARGET: £2000

(we've stretched our target to support our Borth Zoo campaign and to take on more breaking campaigns - so please give if you can!)

Why we need the Emergency Action Fund

Animals left to starve in zoo cages. Animals living in squalor in backyard sheds. Animals dying in their hundreds in aquarium tanks. Animals driven mad by their isolation. 

These are all real emergencies that we have responded to. 

When these awful tragedies come to light we can’t turn our backs! We must take action immediately, in whatever way we can, to fight for these animals and to protect others from facing the same fate. 

But to do that we need your help. We are a small charity, fighting many big industries. Campaigns like this can break at any time. We know we MUST respond but it puts a strain on our limited resources.

And we can’t turn our backs on the animals. So that is why we must turn to you, our fellow animal advocates, for help!


Your impact:

Your urgent donation will cover emergency action to:

  • Send an investigator to to go undercover and inspect premises exploiting animals.
  • Use hidden camera equipment to collect vital evidence of animal suffering and neglect.

  • Seek legal advice from an animal law expert to make sure we use every tool in the law to fight for animals. 

  • Attend public meetings and court hearings, to represent the animals and call for their freedom. 

£10 could fund campaign materials to hold protests outside cruel places exploiting animals 
Give £10

£20 makes sure we can get effective legal advice to build a strong case against an animal abuser
Give £20

£100 could fund an urgent undercover investigation, collecting vital evidence of animal suffering
Give £100

Whatever amount you can spare, from £5 to £500 you will make sure we have these resources ready to fight for animals, whenever they need us. 

Urgent actions taking place NOW


Lilith the lynx was shot dead after escaping Borth Zoo. Her companion Nilly was strangled to death by zoo staff in a tragic ‘accident’ at the zoo. A leopard named Rajah was kept in a tiny enclosure.  

Last month the zoo was found to be in breach of zoo licensing laws and it is in tens of thousands of pounds of debt. It is clear that more animals are at great risk. 

Upon hearing the breaking news, we knew instantly that we had to take action. We rallied thousands to contact the council demanding the zoo be shut. We have obtained zoo inspection reports and unearthed more shocking animal deaths. And now more animals have escaped the zoo and are on the run.

RIGHT NOW is the time to fight for this zoo to be closed. We must do all we can to put pressure on the zoo and the licensing authority to shut this zoo down and get the animals out to safety. 

Your donation to our Emergency Action Fund will directly fund our urgent work to close this zoo. So please will you give an urgent gift now? 



Since finding out that a new zoo is planned to be built in Manchester, we’ve been busy scoping out the proposed site, getting planning advice and looking for ways to block the zoo. We’ve carried out Freedom of Information requests, organised meetings with local activists and other groups.

By donating to our Emergency Action Fund now, you will fund the next steps in opposing this zoo, doing all we can to block the planning application and rally local support.


What is next? 

Another emergency could just be round the corner. Day to day we are busy working on investigations and campaigns to fight for animals, raising awareness and bringing animals closer to freedom. Having this Emergency Action Fund will mean we can do all of that AND be ready to take action when emergencies happen. 

So your donation means that we can fight for more animals. Please support our appeal today!

Thank you!