Imagine spending your whole life in a basement. Imagine never seeing daylight or feeling the sun on your face. Imagine if none of your surroundings were real! This is the reality for so many penguins in captivity.

Right now, 15 penguins live underground in Sea Life London Aquarium. They have a painted mirage on the wall, fake snow and fake rocks, a tiny pool and no way of ever making it back to the wild. They are not the only penguins to live like this either. Across the UK there are many penguins living underground and in captivity, so far from their natural homes.

But together we can make a change!

Last week we launched a brand-new campaign to free these birds from Sea Life London. As part of our campaign launch, we are holding a Freedom Champion sign-up week all this week.

To keep being here fighting for the freedom of birds just like Fry and Polly below, we must increase our number of amazing regular donors. Can we count on you?


Will you join us this week as one of our new Freedom Champions?

One of the best ways to support our work and fight for the freedom of these penguins, is to join us as a Freedom Champion. Your monthly donation will fuel our campaign against Sea Life’s cruel captivity, help us investigate aquariums, lobby for change and spread the word that wild animals should be in the wild!

🐧 £5 a month could equip 10 grassroots groups with materials to demonstrate outside an aquarium, turning customers away from this cruelty

🐠 £10 a month will power our ongoing work with whistleblowers, uncovering the hidden truth of animal suffering and putting in place actions to make change

🐙 £20 a month could help fund an undercover investigation to expose the horrors of captivity and enable us to seek justice for animals

By making a monthly donation, you will help show the dark side of captivity that aquariums don’t want the world to see. You will play a critical role in stopping cruelty.

Plus, throughout this week, when you sign up to a monthly gift, you will not only receive our new Freedom Champion sign-up bundle*, you will also get a free badge bundle, including our new campaign badge ‘Free the Sea Life Penguins’ as an extra special thank you!

Birds should not be forced to live in these conditions. But with your help we can fight for each and every one of them. And of course, it isn't just penguins who suffer in aquariums. All animals suffer in captivity and together we must show the truth from in the tanks and cages.

Join us today and help fight for the freedom of ALL animals.

Thank you from us, Polly, Fry and their family.


*If you do not wish to receive the Freedom Champion sign-up bundle, please indicate so when signing up on the next page, just under gift aid.