Help us to do more for the individuals trapped in captivity

Through our Shine a Light series we are sharing the stories of the individuals trapped behind the bars, glass and walls of captivity.

Individuals like Zaire the gorilla who has spent over 42 years living on display in UK zoos. Individuals like Sasha the meerkat who lived in horrific conditions at the mobile zoo, Tropical Inc. Individuals like Lulu the turtle who was stolen from the ocean and has lived in captivity for over 78 years.

With animals trapped in zoos, aquariums, mobile zoos and other places of exploitation, we need to make sure their stories are not forgotten and use their stories to inspire change.

By donating today you can pave the way to their freedom.

  • Your gift will help us research and investigate reports of animal suffering
  • Your gift will help people learn more about the lives of animals in these industries, building empathy and understanding
  • Your gift will enable us to fight for changes in the law, ending cruel captivity
  • Your gift will mean there is always someone there, speaking out for the animals

Donate today

Her life and freedom is important to her. She deserves to be free.

Please donate today if you can, to help us share her story and end animal captivity.