Many animals up and down the country this festive period will be forced to endure such cruelty, all in the name of entertainment.

Animals like reindeer, penguin, owls, and camels, will all be transported up and down the country, marched through busy town centres, shopping centres and even forced to stand in pens in shopping centres all so people can get selfies as they wander by.

The long hours on the road, the noise and the crowds are so stressful for these animals and so similar to life in a circus.  Animals are not props and we must end this misery now!

Will you join us and help put an end to this suffering?!

Your gift will help more animals over this festive period:

  • Your gift will help us to reach out to more event organisers to let them know the suffering these animals really do go through every year
  • Your gift will make us able to give out much needed campaign materials to local groups and individuals that will hold protests at events
  • Your gift will also make us able to run more online actions than ever before to let everyone speak out for animals in need
  • Your gift will enable us to run a wider campaign across social media to highlight the suffering that these animals endure each and every Christmas


Please donate today to help animals forced to entertain this festive period!