Make this Valentine's Day a special one for animals!

Thankfully this Valentine's Day us humans can go out and celebrate with our loved ones. As an extra celebration, why not spread a little extra love by giving a gift to animals this Valentine's Day too?

By buying a 'Virtual Valentine gift' you will be making a donation to Freedom for Animals, that will be used to help animals in need.

In return you will be sent a lovely Valentine's certificate, to give to a loved one or keep for yourself! You will receive this in your confirmation email (we can post a copy by request before 4pm 11th February!)

So by buying a Virtual Valentine of a glass of wine, your £6 donation could be used to create campaign materials.

Your £10 taxi ride could power works with whistlblowers to expose cruelty.

Your £50 dinner for two could fund legal action to close down a cruel business exploiting animals.

Make a Valentine's donation to animals

£6 could be used to print campaign materials advocating for animal rights
Give £6

£10 could power work with whistleblowers to free animals from suffering
Give £10

£18 could be used to educate young people about the rights of animals
Give £18

£25 could be used to promote alternatives to using animals in entertainment
Give £25

£50 could fund legal action to ban animal abuse industries and protect animals
Give £50

£100 could help fund an undercover investigation to collect evidence to shut down a cruel zoo
Give £100

No matter how much you donate this Valentine's Day, your gift will be put to use straight away, to help give animals a better future. Thank you.