Animals need your help!

Investigation work is so important to everything we are working so hard for here at Freedom for Animals. We want all animals to live free from exploitation, harm and captivity. And you can help animals have a chance at freedom by donating today.

You can help fund vital investigations into zoos, aquariums and mobile zoos and other places that keep animals captive for entertainment! You can help show the true reality of captivity and the individual suffering animals go through in the name of entertainment.

Without your vital donations we would not have been able to shine a light on individuals such as the penguins in Sea Life London Aquarium who are kept underground with no natural light and fake snow; the many animals still incarcerated in South Lakes Zoo (dubbed the UK’s ‘worst zoo’); and the thousands of animals who are currently locked up in mobile zoos to be paraded on display across the country.


It is also through investigation work that we have been able to shine a light on animals suffering in zoos, aquariums and mobile zoos in our campaigns such as:

  • The tethering of birds of prey in UK zoos in our Tether and Torment campaign
  • How sea lions are still exploited in circus styles shows across UK zoos
  • How animals are suffering in UK aquariums
  • How birds are mutilated in zoos to stop them from flying away in our Fight for Flight campaign
  • The con in conservation that zoos push as their reason to exist

You can help show the truth behind the bars. Will you donate today to help keep investigators out in the field gathering evidence of cruelty and suffering?


Please donate today and help animals because they all deserve their freedom!