Adopt a sloth

Adopt a sloth with us and help fight to keep them wild and free

The busy environment of a zoo is no life for a sloth and they suffer terribly as a result. The loud noises, flashing cameras and all that goes with such a place is no home for any animal, but for an animal such as the sloth, it is particularly cruel.

In the wild they spend the vast majority of their time sleeping in the leafy tree canopies of the rainforest. In captivity they are forced to live in a fake environment, often behind glass, so that they can be on display all of the time.

Your adoption will help animals

By adopting a sloth with us today, you will fuel work to protect sloths and end their suffering in captivity. Freedom for Animals are campaigning for an end to cruel zoos and an end to the keeping of animals for human entertainment.

You will support undercover investigations at zoos and other captive facilities to expose exploitation and to free sloths and other animals from cruel captivity.

What you will receive

Adoptions cost £30 for a whole year and in your pack you will receive:

- Welcome letter
- Certificate of adoption
- Cuddly toy sloth made from plastic bottles!
- Information fact sheet about penguins
- Release newsletter
- Relevant campaigns material
And all wrapped up in a box (so it’s easy to give as a gift)

Adoptions last for a year so you will also receive our twice yearly Release newsletter and regular updates about our campaigns, with hints and tips on how you can help animals.

Our Adopt an Animal packs make great gifts for family, friends or even to treat yourself. All money raised goes straight to campaign for the freedom of animals in captivity.

Delivery of your Adopt an Animal packs is free. Adopt an Animal packs are only available in the UK.

Adopt today to help sloths like Noco

Noco was born in 2021 and has already lived in two different zoos. Now she is part of an ‘exhibit’ with another sloth in a chimpanzee house. She will never get to hang from branches in a real rainforest, her life will always be in a cage.

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