COVID-19 is putting the future of our charity at risk and, crucially, our campaigns to free animals from suffering. I am appealing to you for help.

Can you give £20 to help us continue our work?


Dear my fellow animal advocate,

I am hoping now, more than ever, that you are safe and well. I hope you are supported through lockdown and have what you need. I know it isn’t easy and my heart goes out to you and your loved ones.

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a serious impact on our ability to raise funds now and in the coming months. But animals still need us.

I really need your help. I know you care deeply for animals. But now I am asking you to take action for them during this difficult time.

Please, would you join me by making a really important gift to help us keep fighting during this global crisis? Please donate £10, £20 or even an incredibly generous £50 as soon as you can.

DONATE HERE: https://www.freedomforanimals.org.uk/covid-19-appeal

We are making every effort to cut down expenses and adapt our work to the constraints of the lockdown but without your assistance, the financial impact could be severe.

Please know that our work for animals hasn't stopped. We are still fighting just as hard!

Right now we are fighting to save animals at a zoo called Borth Wild Animal Kingdom. This awful place already has the death of so many animals on its hands. Animals like Lillith the lynx who was shot dead after escaping the zoo. Or Nilly the lynx who was strangled by a member of staff in an apparent ‘accident’ when she was being moved between cages. Just a few weeks ago we released the news that over a fifth of all animals had died there in one year, after we obtained documents showing the deaths.

With your help we have been lobbying for the zoo to be shut down and now, after months of campaigning, the local authority has stated it has ‘lost faith’ in the zoo. We are so close to winning this campaign and getting the other animals to safety, we just can’t stop now!

Please can you send an urgent gift to Freedom for Animals? A donation today would help secure our campaigns during this uncertain time and make sure we can deliver our crucial plans for animals. 

Over the next month, me and my team will be closely monitoring our fundraising income and making changes where we need to so we can keep going. But with funding looking so uncertain we don’t yet know how big, or how devastating, these changes will be.

That’s why I am turning to you. A fellow activist for animals. To help us get through this difficult time by giving whatever you can afford, to make sure we can keep fighting for animals now and in the future.


I promise to make your donation count. I commit to updating you on how we spend the funds raised as well as keeping you informed on what is happening as you help pull Freedom for Animals through this crisis. Because our charity and our campaigns belong to you. You are the one who makes our work possible and I hope now you can keep making it possible, far into the future. 

Thank you for reading this. On behalf of the volunteers, staff and of course the animals we fight for, I wish you well. We all send our love and gratitude.

For the animals,

Nicola O’Brien
Campaigns Director

P.S. Because of the COVID-19 we are facing financial uncertainty. This could wreck our campaigns for animals who we are still fighting for right NOW, through all this.

But with your help, the impact could be lessened and our work for animals can continue just as strong as ever. And animals will have a future of freedom ahead of them.

Please help me and my team keep our campaigns going for animals, by making a donation of £10, £20 or even an extra special gift of £50 ASAP. Thank you.