A look back on the victories of 2023!

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The tragic reality for animals held captive in failing zoos

The recent closure of a Swedish zoo has raised concerns over how little the lives of animals are valued when they are no longer viewed as profitable... Read more

Investigation into London Zoo’s ‘Late Zoo Nights’ Uncovers Animal Suffering

Stereotypic behaviour was widespread, with many visitors drunk before even entering the gates… Read more

World Elephant Day 2023

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Punishing ponies - a fun-filled family event?

Investigator Florence Green attended a performance of Giffords Circus to monitor the treatment of their animals. Here is what they discovered... Read more

The Sad Reality for Elephants in Zoos

A young bull elephant has been shamefully removed from his mother and transferred to a new zoo Read more

Migration versus Mutilation

Many birds will never experience the remarkable behaviour of migration. Why? Read more

Guest Blog: What’s the Point in Aquariums?

Scuba diver, Lucy Murphy, gives her perspective on where’s best to see marine life. Read more

Love Birds? If you do, leave them in the wild!

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5 Amazing Hippo Facts to celebrate World Hippo Day!

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Five Incredible Facts about Penguins!

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Zoos repeatedly failing animals

Sadly, every day seems to bring new reports of zoos failing animals.... - 9th January 2023 Read more

Blog Post: Festive Events Campaign 2022 Review

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Your Victories of 2022!

2022 has been a challenging year for everyone, but it's important to remember the huge victories for animals during the past year. And there were many! Read more

International Animal Rights Day 2022

This International Animal Rights Day we want to celebrate the strength and determination of grassroots activists all fighting for change! Read more

Tips on how to take footage and help animals!

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10 Facts about the Real Magic of Reindeer!

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Zoo Experience Days: Don't Give the Gift of Misery this Christmas

Your "Zookeeper for a Day" experience could mean a lifetime of misery for animals in zoos. Read more

Four Charities, One Message: Stop exploiting reindeer at Christmas

Freedom for Animals has partnered with OneKind, Animal Aid, and Born Free to bring our message to event organisers nationwide. Read more

The murky waters of the aquarium trade

The dark side of aquariums that they don't want you to know! Read more

End the Imprisonment of Polar Bears!

Polar bears are incredible animals that deserve to be free to roam the Arctic Tundra Read more

Exotic pets - Ethical or not?

Guest blog post written by Dr Emma Milne BVSc MRCVS on the ethics of 'keeping exotic animals as pets' Read more

World Animal Day 2022

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It's World Elephant Day!

World Elephant Day is Friday 12th August 2022 Read more