We will be hosting a webinar on the Primate Pet Trade and we would love for you to join us!

Friday 30th April, 7pm on Zoom


The primate pet trade - What is it all about and what can be done to help primates?
In the UK it is still legal to 'own' a wild monkey as a pet. There are an estimated 9000 primates being kept as pets in people's homes, living in completely unsuitable accommodation and suffering as a result.
In this webinar we will be discussing the trade, how it works, what the impact is on those primates kept in the trade and how we are working to end it.
We will be joined by Rachel Hevesi, Director of the charity Wild Futures, which runs the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall. The sanctuary has been rescuing primates for over 50 years and we will hear some of the stories of the individuals they have cared for. www.wildfutures.org

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This webinar is free but we welcome donations towards our work for animals.
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