17th July 2018

Today Wales has officially announced it will ban wild animal circuses. The bill is set to be introduced within 12 months, which will make Wales the second country in the UK to bring in such a ban.

The Welsh Government stated today: 

The way animals are treated is an important reflection of society and over the next 12 months, a bill will be introduced to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses on welfare grounds. 

Freedom for Animals and our supporters have been anxiously awaiting this news after a Welsh public Consultation last year showed that the public were strongly in favour of a ban. Now, we welcome this fantastic news and are set to continue to work hard to make this ban a reality.

Introducing the bill will trigger the start of the process and the bill will advance through the different stages before becoming a part of law. But it is clear the Government are committed to this ban and with your help, we will do everything we can to make it a reality!

Circuses with animals are currently touring the UK including Circus Mondao which uses wild animals. This circus tours extensively in Wales and we are delighted that soon they will no longer be able to.

With a ban in Scotland already in place, pressure is mounting on England and the north of Ireland to do the same! Please, help us to keep up this momentum and work to ban wild animal circuses across the WHOLE of the UK. 

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