21st September 2023

In November 2022 backyard lion-keeper, Reece Oliver, submitted plans to Broxtowe Borough Council to build a new facility in the area. This facility would provide him the opportunity to expand his operation into a larger site.

The team behind this new development market it as a sanctuary, but the truth is that this business, if allowed to be constructed, will be a zoo. The plans show they intend to build spa facilities and overnight guest accomodation, and in their own planning statement submitted to the council they promised that the facility will be “designed with guest experience at its core”. This plan is to build a resort for humans, not a sanctuary for animals.

For almost a year now, Freedom for Animals, as well as colleagues at other organisations, has been working hard to oppose these plans. We have set up a petition to demonstrate public opposition to the council, and hit the streets of Broxtowe to deliver leaflets raising awareness about this exploitative and dangerous proposed development. At every step of the way, we have seen the developers misrepresent not only their intentions, but the nature of their history and their actions to this point. Today, Freedom for Animals has released a video to debunk the claims of the 'Broxtowe Retreat' project. See our video below:

If planning permission is granted for this development then those behind it will be given the opportunity to expand their operation and exploit more animals on a larger site. We have to stop this from happening. You can help: