8th October 2018

Thanks to you, mobile zoos will be now be licensed under new regulations.

As from 1st October 2018, The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations have come into force in England.

Since 2013 we have spoken out about the lack of regulation of mobile zoos. After being approached by a whistle-blower sending photos of animal cruelty and suffering at a mobile zoo, we knew we had to do something. After years of campaigning this matter has been taken seriously by the Government. You have helped put this issue on the Government's agenda.

And it's not only animals in mobile zoos that the law will cover. Companies using animals in TV and film and animals in events will be required to purchase a licence.

But is the law good enough?

This is a huge step in the right direction! Whilst ultimately we want to see an end to mobile zoos altogether, licensing is the very least that the thousands of animals at risk deserve. However, we want to make sure this new law does what it is supposed to: offer animals some basic protection. Unfortunately at the moment, the regulations aren't up to scratch and here's why...

Frustratingly, regular inspections will not be mandatory for these businesses. This is an unacceptable oversight, when mobile zoos travel to many different places and thousands of animals' lives are at risk.

These industries use such a huge range of animals, all with their own specific needs - unfortunately at the moment  the regulations are too general.

Licence fees will deter animal exploiters

However the new licensing regime will come at a cost to the people who choose to exploit animals for entertainment. The businesses will pay a fee for their licence and inspections. With many mobile zoos simply being collectors of exotic animals and trying to make easy money, the fee is more than likely going to put them off. Now that is something to be pleased about!

Next steps

With your help, we will:

  1. Push for regular inspections to be made mandatory under this licence

  2. Investigate whether companies are complying with this new law

  3. Keep fighting for a ban on this industry – the only action that will truly protect animals.

With your support you can count on us to do what the government should be doing! Investigate, inspect, monitor and research.