**This action has now closed - thank you for participating**

17th November 2023

Freedom for Animals is today launching a public action to try to stop the exploitation of Reindeer in Mayfair, London this November.

On the afternoon of 25th November 2023, as part of Novikiv Restaurant and Bar's “Mayfair's Christmas Market”, reindeer will be confined to a small pen, unable to roam freely, and subjected to crowds and noise. We need your help to stop this event!

Reindeer are herd animals who are native the arctic tundra, and should never be kept in small groups enclosed within a busy market environment.

We recently reported on the publication of new research that strongly demonstrates that reindeer suffer in event environments. This report, commissioned by OneKind, concluded that to prevent reindeer suffering the use of them in events should be ceased.

Thankfully we now live in an era where the majority of event organisers heed the advice of animal rights and animal welfare authorities worldwide, and choose compassionate, animal-free celebrations. Unfortunately, there are still some who continue to confine reindeer to cramped vans, haul them for miles, and force them to spend hours in tiny enclosures where they are forced to interact with members of the public. Love Letchworth is one of these event organisers.

Reindeer belong in the arctic tundra, not busy city centres, and certainly not at events like these. We have reached out to the organisers both this year and last but received no response. We now need you to help get their attention. Go to our action page to send an email to the organisers asking them to plan compassionate, animal-free events this year and beyond.