Last November we were delighted to thank all our loyal supporters for the part they played in our successful action to prevent the building of a new reindeer farm in Wrexham!

Sadly, the applicants haven’t accepted that exploitative attractions are not what the public wants, and have appealed against the decision. This appeal is currently with Wrexham Council and we have until 13th June to lodge our objections

Freedom for Animals has already written to the council to make it clear that all of the reasons for our original objection still stand, and there really is no excuse for building new facilities to breed generations of unwilling innocent animals to be used as Christmas props!

Now we are asking our supporters to stand with us again to do what you do best and speak out on behalf of animals. Use our online form to send your objections straight to Wrexham Council.

Unfortunately, councils do not take the ethics of animal captivity into account when considering planning representations, so it’s important that our objections focus predominantly on the impact the proposed development would have on local ecology and infrastructure. You can use our template email, or amend it, but if you do amend it please be aware that any objections that do not include what the planning authority deem relevant will not be considered. Please also follow our Supporter Engagement Guidance for online actions.

Reindeer exploitation is a huge problem in the UK today. Every year at Christmas we monitor hundreds of events up and down the country in which businesses hire out living, feeling reindeer to fairs, schools, shopping centres and other events to be used as props, to pull sleighs, and to provide selfie opportunities with ‘Rudolph’. They spend hours on the road in cramped conditions only to then be subjected to noise, chaos, crowds, and unwanted handling by the public. Tarvin Sands Fishery, the applicant in this case, already runs such a reindeer hire business. If they are allowed to expand onto this site their business will be able to grow and more reindeer’s lives will be ruined by an industry that sees them as props. We have to stand up to this abuse and oppose this development today.

Object to the planning application appeal

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